—Oriol Alamany

The reasons that inspire me as a photographer are the natural world, travel and the vestiges left by ancient cultures. Its search drives me around the world. Sometimes close to home, sometimes far, far away.

My works show real situations I lived in a real world. These are moments where it was cold, the sun was burning, the wind was blowing, or the dust made my skin dirty, there were no dreamlike images created at home sitting in front of a computer. My work is my life. That does not mean that my photograph is merely documentary. As an author I choose the subject, the frame, the light that most motivates me, I decide the moment, and I make it mine.


After a childhood passion for drawing, writing, nature, photography and film, Oriol Alamany Sesé (Barcelona, 1958) studied Biology and in 1980 graduated in Graphic Design. For some years he combined the work of designer and illustrator, with that of photographer and biologist, conducting studies on wildlife, to finish dedicating himself fully to photography. Since 2010 also designs and organizes photographic trips, forming team with Eulàlia Vicens.

His images and writings have been published in books, magazines, the internet, calendars, exhibitions, advertising and other media. Among other publications, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Terre Sauvage, GEO, Altaïr, Lonely Planet, Pyrénées Magazine, NaturFoto, Viajes-National Geographic, etc., or in newspapers like El País, La Vanguardia or El Periódico.

Among others, he is the author of the books Fotografía en tus viajes, Collserola, natura entre ciutats, Lpell de Catalunya, Itinerarios por los Pirineos, Aran natura y cultura, Parques Nacionales dEspaña, Viajar con tu mara, Aigüestortes, Fotograar la naturaleza, etc.

He has held several solo or group exhibitions. He has also received several awards in photo competitions and has been the jury in many others, both national and international.

His photographs and articles are represented by Getty Images, Nature Picture Library, Biosphoto, Minden Pictures, Auscape International and Alamy. He is member of the groups Nature Photo Blog, AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers) and IEPA (International Environmental Photographers Association).


Fotografía en tus viajes
(JdeJ Editores, 2013)

Collserola, natura entre ciutats
(Símbol Editors, 2012).

Itinerarios por los Pirineos
(Lynx Edicions, 2007), with Eulàlia Vicens.

La pell de Catalunya
(National Geographic – La Magrana, 2007),
with Kim Manresa.

Aran, natura i cultura
(Símbol Editors, 2006).

Parques Nacionales de España
(Lynx, 2003), with Eulàlia Vicens.

Viajar con tu cámara
(Península, 2001, 2nd edition).

Aigüestortes, una mirada al Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
(Símbol Editors, 2001, 2nd edition).

Fotografiar la Naturaleza
(Planeta, 1997-2001, 3th edition).

Fotógrafos de la Naturaleza
(SEO/ Birdlife, 1997), with Fernando Bandín.


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USA: Guardian.


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USA: Apple, America Online, Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Fox News Online, Hoffman and Associates.


2013: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Highly commended.

2011: Premi Internacional Pica d’Estats, Best article in travel magazines.

2010: Concurso Memorial Maria Luisa, Primer Premio sección Hombre y Montaña. Finalista Naturaleza abstracta.

2010: Concurs de Fotografia Naturalista ANG, Primer Premio general.

2010: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Finalist

2009: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Second Place “Birds” and Highly Commended in “Plants and Fungi”.

2007: Naturescapes Images of the Year Awards, Honorable Mention.

2007: Premi Internacional Pica d’Estats, Best published photographic essay.

2003: Premi Internacional Pica d’Estats, to his photographic career.

1994: Premi Alimara CETT

1994: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Muntanya de Torelló, Mountain Wilderness and Best Spanish Documentary awards.

1989: II Biennal de Fotografía de Barcelona, 2nd prize.

1988: FotoPres La Caixa Awards, 2nd prize “Nature”.

1987: FotoPres La Caixa Awards, 3rd prize “Nature”.

1985: Premio Foto-Natura, Finalist.

1984: Premio Foto-Natura, Finalist.

1983: Premio Foto-Natura, 1rst prize.

1982: Concurs fotogràfic Parc Natural Sant Llorenç, 1rst prize “Fauna”.

1979: Concurs fotogràfic Flash d’Hivern Correu Català, 2nd prize.


He has been a jury in numerous photographic competitions, among others: Asferico (2014, Italy), Montphoto, Rally Segura Viudas, Canson Infinity, Memorial Rodriguez de la Fuente, Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes, Parc Natural Cadí-Moixeró, , Zoológico de Barcelona, Naturalistes de Girona, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Muntanya Vila de Torelló, AFOBIB, Institució Catalana de Biologia, etc.


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SEO/ Birdlife, DEPANA, AEFONA, World Nature, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Solidarios sin fronteras, Defenders of Wildlife, Dolphin Freedom Project, Limnos.


Advertising, audiovisuals, credit cards, exhibitions, postcards, posters, textbooks.


2019: Individual exhibition “Wild Clouds” in FotoMai photography festival, Sitges.

2018: Joint exhibition “Naturaleza en España” in AEFONA, Hospitalet de l’Infant.

2017: Individual exhibition “Wild Clouds” in Festival de fotografia L’Esguard, Sabadell.

2015: Individual exhibition “Parques nacionales de España”, Festival Revela’t, Vilassar de Dalt.

2011-2012: Individual exhibition “Retalls de Rapa Nui” in FotoMontseny (Spain)

2010: Individual exhibition “Gavarres” itinerant in several Catalonia towns (Spain)

2008: Individual exhibition “Retalls de Rapa Nui” in Mostra Internacional Olot-Fotografia (Spain)

2007: Individual exhibition “Retalls de Rapa Nui” in Asmat, Barcelona (Spain)

2005: Individual exhibition “Parcs Nationals” in Grandeur Nature festival in the Châteaux Royal, Collioure (France).

1999: Joint exhibition “Un año en los Pirineos” in Centre de Cultura de Gràcia, Barcelona.

1998: Individual exhibition “Destellos de África” in III Biennal Olot Fotografia, Sala Racó de l’Art, Olot.

1996: Individual exhibition “Terra Australis” in Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre, Deltebre.

1995: Individual exhibition “Terra Australis” in Sala d’Exposicions Caixa de Tarragona, Flix.

1993: Individual exhibition “Terra Australis” in Casanova Profesional, Barcelona.

1992: Joint Exhibition “Exponaturaleza Imagina”, Almería. Joint Exhibition Sala d’Exposicions de Casanova Profesional, Barcelona.

1991-92: Joint Exhibition “Fotosfera”, Museu de Ciencies de Barcelona, Barcelona

1989: Joint exhibition “Bienal de Fotografia de Barcelona”, Caixa de Barcelona, Barcelona.

1988: Joint exhibition “Fotopres”, Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona.

1988: Joint exhibition “La protecció de la natura a Catalunya”, Barcelona.

1987: Joint exhibition “Fotopres”, Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona.

1985: Joint exhibition “Bienal de Creacions Culturals Juvenils de l´Europa Mediterrania” in Transformadors, Barcelona.

1983: Joint exhibition “Fotonatura-Kodak”, Madrid.

1982: Joint exhibition “Parc Natural Sant Llorenç”, Terrassa.

1981: Joint exhibition “Els rapinyaires catalans”, Figueres, St. Pere Pescador, Barcelona and Andorra.

1979: Joint Exhibition “Flash d’Hivern”, Correu Català, Barcelona.