The daily life of urban falcons

Halcones de Barcelona / Barcelona Falcons is a large-format book of high graphic quality, with texts in Spanish and English, with a selection of photographs by the photographer Oriol Alamany about the life of the peregrine falcon in the urban environment, and an introduction that tells the successful process of his return to Barcelona city.

In 1999, began a pioneering conservation project in Spain for the re-introduction of these birds of prey in various buildings in the city (including the famous basilica of the Sagrada Familia), from where they had been exterminated in the 1970s. Since then, the photographer and conservationist Oriol Alamany has accompanied the team of naturalists in order to document the initiative.

The images are accompanied by a foreword by the ornithologist Josep del Hoyo Calduch (Editor of Handbook of the Birds of the World), who introduces us to the falcon in human history and culture; a complete chapter explaining the development of the project over two decades, written by Eduard Durany and Sergi García (responsible for the re-introduction); and texts by Oriol Alamany that introduce us to the peculiar life of urban falcons and the story of the adventures and photographic techniques used to capture their life in this unusual environment for a bird of prey.

“…Oriol Alamany’s compositions always convey a clearly artistic vision; this particular work, in which falcons appear in such an outstanding and recognizable architectural landscape, is excellent proof of this. The main body of the book offers us a extensive festival of photographic art, at the highest level, magnificently combining the natural beauty of the peregrine falcon with the skies, lights and buildings of the city.

This book reminds us of another facet of its author that I especially like to point out. And it is that Oriol Alamany’s interest is not limited to photography and art; Unlike many of his colleagues, he has also always been a naturalist and a conservationist.”

(From the prologue by Josep del Hoyo Calduch)

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Special Edition: €90. Special limited edition of books signed by the author that includes a photographic print with a limited run of 50 copies, signed and numbered, in 18 x 27 cm format, of an image from the book. With this you collaborate to carry out this self-publishing project.
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Exclusive Edition: €250. Exclusive Edition, limited to only 10 copies, numbered and signed by the author. Includes a 50 x 70 cm signed and numbered limited edition photographic print of an unpublished image not included in the book. With this you help finance this self-publishing project.
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Photographs: Oriol Alamany
Texts: Sergi García, Eduard Durany, Oriol Alamany
Foreword: Josep del Hoyo Calduch

Publisher: Self-publishing, Oriol Alamany – Aware Editions

Book edited with the collaboration of:

Graphic design and layout: Mariona Òliva Ritort
Correction of texts and proofs: Marián Sáenz-Diez Molina
English translation: Lucy Brzoska

Edition: First edition, 850 copies, June 2022
Languages: Bilingual edition in Spanish and English
Size: 27x24cm.
Pages: 128, hardcover
Paper: Semi-matte of 170 gr (Free of chlorine, with PEFC certificate of economic, social and environmental management of forests)
Printing: Offset 4+4 inks + varnish on photographs (Vegetable inks from renewable sources)
Photographs: 127

ISBN: 978-84-09-28934-9
Legal deposit: B 10094-2022



10. Foreword. Texto de Josep del Hoyo Calduch, ornitólogo y editor.

10. Prologue. Text by Josep del Hoyo Calduch, ornithologist and editor.

16. Urban Falcons: The project / Urban Falcons: The project. Text by Eduard Durany, biologist, and Sergi García, environmentalologist.

34. Concrete cliffs / Concrete cliffs. Text and photos by Oriol Alamany.

90. The anxiety to reproduce / The urge to reproduce. Text and photos by Oriol Alamany.

120. Behind the camera / Behind the camera. Text and photos by Oriol Alamany.