—Photography experiences

We are passionate about traveling, knowing and photographing the most beautiful natural places on the planet and its most fascinating species. The experience acquired for years organizing our own trips to take photographs and professional articles, is what now allows us to offer original photographic experiences, aimed at both the photographer and the nature lover.


In addition to being a recognized professional photographer ORIOL ALAMANY was pioneer in our country in the organization of courses on nature photography. Since the 80’s he has taught many of them, authoring books such as Fotografía en tus viajes (2013), Viajar con tu cámara (2001) o Fotografiar la naturaleza (1997). His extensive experience makes him valued for his didactics, and his experience as a photographer and naturalist.

EULÀLIA VICENS is the author of several books and articles on hiking and is specialized in the organization of photography-oriented trips. She is the heart of our photographic trips, coordinating their development so that you do not have to worry more than to enjoy and to take photographs.